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Holidays of El Barrio
Valentines day
In El Barrio.
Roses are picked from
your abuelita's house
And candy is in the candy
flake paint job of your lowww
ride and love....
It's in the back seat.
St. Patrick's day
In El Barrio
Nobody gets pinched cuz
everybody carries a nickle
bag in their back pocket and
the mocosito kids smile cuz
hey, they have theirs.
Halloween in
El Barrio.
Doors get knocked on
and you pray it's not the
police telling you she's gotten
run over.
Halloween in El Barrio
little kids wear their fathers' clothes
and paint their faces with
their mothers' make up and
when a penny is thrown into their
hollow bags and
When they come home and see
all the treats they've received son
las frutas del fil.
Thanksgiving Day
In El Barrio.
All your relatives are outside
your abuelita's house because
they all can't fit inside.
Tías y abuelitas cook up
chismes and you all give
Even though for the rest of
the year, you're gonna eat
tortillas, frijoles, y arroz
gracias a Dios?
Christmas day in
El Barrio...
The only thing kids will
be unwrapping son los
tamalitos de sus
abuelitas and...
New Years Day
In El Barrio?
Man, it's just another day
there's alot of drunk mother#@*s
screaming and gun shots going off
in the air
So you know the new year ain't
gonna bring NO change so
will always remain the same in
El Barrio.

©1999 Chuy Quintero

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