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¡Claro que sí!

Capítulo 1

Numbers 1-100, introductions,  occupations
Capítulo 2

Room objects, verbs, days of the week
Capítulo 3

Describing people and places in the city
Capítulo 4

Parts of the body, reflexive verbs, weather, dates,  and seasons
Capítulo 5

Clothing, colors, time, and tener expressions
Capítulo 6

Transportation, prepositions, family, numbers 100-1,000,000
Capítulo 7

Telephone, hotel reservations, airport, travel arrangements

Capítulo 8

House, apartment, furniture, appliances, ordinal numbers
Capítulo 9

Leisure activities, kitchen, food
Capítulo 10

Post office, letters, Internet, sports equipment
Capítulo 11

Health,  medicine, car
Capítulo 12

Musical instruments, food, geography
Capítulo 13

Travel plans, jewelry, giving directions
Capítulo 14

Dentist, bank, breakfast
Capítulo 15

Animals, environment, ecology, personality
Capítulo 16

Eye doctor, photography, job search
Capítulo 17

Art, love, romance
Capítulo 18

Wrapping it up and leaving

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