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Esperanza Gama

ESPERANZA GAMA Emotions are best expressed by the direct contact of the human eye. The ability to see was my primary ambition at the beginning of my artistic career. Another very interesting form of expression to me was to try to use the mystical images of dreams as inspiration for my work.

In recent years I have become intrigued by the mysteries of other people's lives. By consequence, I have developed an interest in reading biographies that often do not include photographs. By reading such books one has the opportunity to imagine the visual history without someone else's interpretations. This interest took shape in my last solo exhibit entitled "Mujeres de Cuatro Siglos" ("Women of Four Centuries") and was my artistic biography of women of the last four centuries.

I am a professional independent artist. I consider myself a graphic artist whose art incorporates different techniques. Magic Realism best describes what I wish to represent in my artwork. I have studied the classical artists of the Renaissance and Surrealist movement, and both have influenced my artistic development.