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Juan Compean


JUAN COMPEAN. The three paintings are the beginning of a new series of work. Earlier this summer I was playing around with some old typography assignments from college. In one of the projects we were overlapping typefaces over each other after spacing out on those designs; images began to form out of the patterns. One of the first images to appear was "Fuego, it reminded me of crazy looking flames, so I put it to canvas. The other two paintings were created the same way. Inspiration also comes from neighborhood graffitti, feelings, thoughts and images from everyday life.The fourth piece, "Corporate Greed, dates back a few years but never fails to lose meaning. It was intended to voice the feelings of co-workers at a factory that I worked at for a while. It also serves as a self-portrait of sorts. Unfortunately I am the chimp, putting in long hours and in sometimes, dangerous conditions.



Vato Triste