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1. Work in groups of 4. Divide up sections 1-4. Read your section and write a summary. Teach your groupmates what you learned and take notes on your groupmates’ sections.…..Cultura….Los días festivos….Día de los Muertos… Español 3

  1. The Dead Come to Life in Mexican Folk Art

2. The Calavera Oaxaqueña

  1. The Spirit of Posada









  • The Altars and the Role of Ephemera

Duality in Mexican Folk Art

The Toy Making Tradition











2. Read either "Mexico honors those gone but not forgotten" or "Raising the Dead". Write an essay expressing your reaction to the article. Include your reaction to this quote by Octavio Paz: "The Mexican . is familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it; it is one of his toys and his most steadfast love.
























3, Librito rough draft

Enjoy the folk art links called "Folk Art" , "Posada’s Famous Skeleton Cartoons", and "Calavera Crafts".

Browse through your teacher’s collection of calaca characters. Use this space to plan the personality of a calaca character on whom your Día de los Muertos book will be based. Your book may be written in honor of a real person, a deceased famous person, or a legendary character. It also may simply be based on an imaginary character.




















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