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Level 1
Ancient cultures were the beginning.

Sculpted Stones

"How it pains me,
The silence of my ancestors
Who, little by little
Were stilled,
Their traces disappearing
Like the distant wind
Of the unknowable stars.

Their voices extinguished
As the fire
Hidden by night
Only to be put out
By the rains
And their steps
Almost erased like obscure
Pages of ancient codices"
                               Víctor Montejo

Poem taken from Glenn Welker’s website:

The literature of Mezoamerica began as an oral tradition.

Aztec sun story

Legend of the fifth sun 

 Aztec myths

Mayan legends

Quetzalcoatl and other gods

History was also recorded on the walls of public buildings.

Aztec glyphs


Mayan glyphs

[image]Mayan culture, oddities and games

[image]Mayan syllable translation

Mezoamerican Photo Archives

The tradition of recording cultural history on public murals continues.

Diego Rivera
Los Angeles

Descendents of the ancient cultures continue telling stories with courage and frankness.

Poesía Calaca

Himno de la raza


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