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La Virgen de Guadalupe

     December 12 is a special day of celebration in Mexico: El Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe.  The purpose of today’s assignment is for you to learn about a very important Mexican cultural tradition and to practice the character education characteristic of respect.  Specifically, you will be practicing a very important component of respect: the ability to respect another person’s right to hold a belief that is different from your own.  Many students find that they agree completely with the information they learn about the Virgen de Guadalupe.  Other students report that the Virgin of Guadalupe stories conflict with the values they have learned at home or at their family’s house of worship.  As you become acquainted with the legend of the Virgen de Guadalupe, you are strongly encouraged to maintain your own spiritual beliefs, while at the same time to respect the sincerity of beliefs expressed by your classmates and writers of the articles you will read.  

 Choose at least one link in each category.

1.     Learn the legend.

Choose among the following:


On line:

a.      Presentación multimedia

b.     The Story

c.      Guadalupe live


Printed story:

d.      Laminated story in our classroom




Summarize what happened in the original story of the Virgin of Guadalupe.




2.     Enjoy the Internet

   Virgen de Guadalupe art work.


a. Modern Day Art

b. Folk Art


Describe the image that appeals to you the most.

3.    Estimate the Virgin’s importance.  Read 2 of these:

On line:

a.      Mother of all Mexico

b.     Sitio oficial

c.      Patroness of the Americas: general impression of site

d.      Spend a Little Time with a Virgin

In our classroom:

e.      Collection of realia in the classroom


Indicate the importance of the Virgin of Guadalupe to Mexicans.



     1                                                 5                                                        10

not very                           somewhat important                               extremely

important                                                                                        important

4.    View expressions of faith.

Browse for the general idea:

On line:

a.      Peticiones

b.     Oraciones

c.      Patroness of the Americas:

“Say thanks to Our Lady”

d.      Cyberbasílica: Veladoras


The websites and the realia in our classroom should help you understand the beliefs of those who have faith in the Virgin of Guadalupe.  What do the Virgin’s followers believe?


5.    Evaluate the evidence


On line:

a.      El imagen en el ojo

b.     Scientific proof


In our classroom:

c.      The stars (laminated pictures)




Believers cite the evidence of the Virgin’s eyes and also the stars on her cloak.  In what way would this evidence proove whether or not the miracle really happened?

6.    State your own opinion.








Now that you have learned about the Virgen de Guadalupe, state your own personal beliefs about what you have learned.









7.    Listen and respect a classmate’s opinion.


Summarize your classmate’s beliefs in a respectful way.