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Living in Mexico

The Virgin of GuadalupeThe Virgin of Guadalupe

One Saturday morning, December 9, 1531, a Mexican native named Juan Diego was walking along the mountain path to the city of Tlatelolco.  Along the way he heard a voice that called out to him, "My son, Juan Diego, where are you going?"  "I'm going to mass at the church in Thatelolco," he responded.  The voice said, "Go to the Bishop of Mexico and tell him that I am Mary, Mother of God, and tell him that I want a church built here."

The Bishop did not believe what Juan Diego told him about the voice.   However, once again while walking home; Juan Diego heard the Virgin call out to him in the same place.  She repeated the request for a church to be built ..............

When Juan Diego spoke with the Bishop again, he told him that he still did not believe the story.  Juan Diego was very sad that the Bishop did not believe him.  A third time, Juan Diego heard the Virgin make her request in the same spot; and the Bishop still did not believe.  But this time the Bishop asked Juan Diego to bring him a sign from the Virgin.

On December 12, Juan Diego returned to the Virgin and asked him for a sign to give to the Bishop to prove that her request was real.  The Virgin told Juan Diego to go up the mountain and pick a red rose that was growing in the snow to take to the Bishop. 

Juan Diego knew that roses didn't grow in the winter, especially on the mountain top, in the snow!  When he went to look for the rose, he couldn't believe the miracle.  He found a beautiful red rose growing in the snow, cut it, and delivered it to the Bishop.   the Virgin of Guadalupe


When Juan Diego gave the rose to the Bishop as proof of the Virgin's request, the Bishop saw on the front of Juan Diego's cloak, an image of the Virgin.  It was a true miracle.  For this reason, throughout all Mexico, December 12 is celebrated in honor. Her power, her light and her love are remembered through the processions and pilgrimages.


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