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Who's Your Daddy?
Research Resources

1.  Kan-Ed Heritage Quest

a.      Open the district Internet home page.

b.      Click on Kan-Ed.

c.      Use your User Access information on this website:

d.      Look for this section and start your search:

     *Genealogy and Historic Sources  

Heritage Quest

2.  Ellis Island online: search for your family’s last name:


3.  Ellis Island online: research immigrant family histories:


4.  Ellis Island online: Consult the timeline of Ellis Island immigration


5.  Ellis Island online: visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum


6. exhibit: visit as if you’re experiencing immigration:


7.  Think Quest Library: discover good Ellis Island immigrants’ quotes and pictures:


8.  Learn about an early motion picture about Ellis Island     bin/query/h?ammem/papr:@field(NUMBER+@band(lcmp002+m2a10987))


9.  Learning Page: enjoy immigrants’ personal stories


10.  Library of Congress Memory Ellis Island: explore many resources, including

       quotes, pictures, stories