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Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Peticiones Presentación multimedia

Sitio oficial Vida


The Story

Guadalupe live

The Mystery

Patroness of the Americas

El imagen en el ojo

Scientific Proof

La Virgen de Guadalupe:
Mother of All Mexico
Spend a Little Time
with a Virgin

Spanish 2



Basilica de Guadalupe
Faithful See Virgin of Guadalupe in spilled ice cream in Houston


Holy Cow!  Virgin of Guadalupe appears in ice cream.

Scholar Traces Origins of Virgin of Guadalupe Tale

Español 3


The Marriott Courtyard Guadalupe

Weeping Virgin of Las Vegas: journal of a miracle

Modern Day Sightings

Scientific Proof

Subway Tile

Tree Bark 

Modern day art

The Virgin in a bikini?

Folk art



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